Decoration & Rainbow 🌈 in the House

First thing after Birgits arrival was of course to go to our office and drop off our “things” as well as to prepare for the meeting with Rainbow Volunteer Club. Before everything else we decorated the room s bit and recorded all equipment B.B.U.N. has so far: 3 Laptops, 1 digital Camera and one phone. The equipment is used and we are very thankful for our donors their contribution. We decided that a printer will be added in the future, for the time being we will use public printing facilities. As you can see Madan, Arjun and Birgit had a lot of fun.

The Rainbow Volunteer Club is a Chinese Organisation. Thanks to Madan Poudeyal it exists also in Nepal (September 2017). Their vision is to “Love and inspire Children.” They also recruit volunteers, fund and generate scholarships. Side note: School fee for a primary student is around 8.000 Rupees per year (€62,– or 77 USD) and private school 2.000 to 3.000 Rupees (15-22,–€) per month.

Birgit and Madan briefly met right after the earthquake in the camp. Madan, like all teachers got distributed to areas, work and places for them to support during these difficult times. He had the job to run the camp that Birgit visited and where she met the “Women and Children Service Center Nepal.” The time when all started. The reunion was a very warm and welcoming one. Both were very happy to meet again, catch up and see if and how both parties can support each other going forward.

We learned that it is still common in Nepal to hit children in case they misbehave or don’t understand something. Madan wants to change this system and want to change the way children are taught through arts, drama, dancing and singing for example. He only knows to well. Also what it means to stay in a good environment when you are an orphan and how important love, dignity, care and respect are for the children. πŸ™

Madan Paudeyal and Madan Magar πŸ‘πŸΌπŸŒˆ

bbuildsupnepal – LetΒ΄s create a better life for children in Nepal.

We are creating a Better Transit Home in Kathmandu for street children, runaways or children who were victims of abuse. Help making a difference for children and families in Nepal.


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