A ❤️ letter for Elisabeth / My new Home

Dear Elisabeth, it has been some time since we split ways or shall I say since I left you in Frankfurt to travel to Kathmandu. I want to tell you all about my new home and how great it is that you made me travel so far. So many exciting things happened and I want to share them with you. Best I start from the very beginning.

Rabbit and I left you to take the plane to Berlin. This was a short flight and Rabbit said, that flying to Kathmandu will be the same just longer and with movies and food and more people and more time👍🏼. Berlin was nice and I liked it. A little bit like Frankfurt just bigger and more people. We spend a few days there before we left for Kathmandu. A few things needed to be arranged and we went shopping as well:  many color pencils, drawing books, a laptop, digital camera, charger, power bank, a lot of funny 🎈 in many different colors and shapes and a few other things that I forgot by now. Rabbit was very nice and explained everything to me so that I didn’t need to worry. Can you imagine he was already 4 times (!!) in Nepal and met many children there. The first time he came by train from Berlin to Beijing and took a plane from there to Kathmandu. Wow 😮. He arrived one day after the second earthquake. He was very 😔 when he told me all about the broken buildings and kaputt houses. Many people were living in tents back than which is not like this anymore he told me.






When we checked in, Birgit had too much luggage. This is always the case Rabbit said. She always starts talking about our Nepal 🇳🇵 “mission” with the result that the lady or the gentlemen at the check in counter is generous to her. In our case it was a lady and she also liked children and especially that we all want to help make a better living for children in Nepal. She was very friendly and smiled a lot. With a little repacking and Rabbit and me giving up some space in the hand luggage, we were good to go. You should know that there is no direct flight from Berlin, which is ok, because this way we had 2 landings and 2 starts which I like a lot. Our stopover – this is what they call it when you have to stop at another airport to get to your final destination – was in Istanbul. So many people there and such a big airport. We spend hours watching people with luggage running from one side to another.  This was very funny and time passed by quickly. We also saw people sleeping on the floor. We did not, but we cuddled a bit.





I was super excited when we arrived in Kathmandu. The sun was shining and it was much warmer as in Frankfurt or in Berlin. I also learned that there is something called time difference. I had no idea that they have a different time over there to our time in Germany. Now we know that it’s 4:45 min. different. Madan, Aerik and Resham picked us up. There are Birgit´s and Rabbit´s friends. Everybody was happy to be united. We were very lucky, because we arrived during “Holi festival” also called festival of colors. Very funny, because people throw colors around and paint their faces. Birgit had to do the same.

The only problem is, so they told me, that in modern times = today “bad” colors are used. Not natural ones anymore, because chemical color used to color cars for example are cheaper. But dangerous for the skin, eyes and when you breath them in. This is why we were very careful not get it into our eyes. Can you imagine having the same color like a car on your skin? Buuuuuuhhhhh…. anyway it was still fun when I am honest.





Over the next few days Birgit was busy working with Madan. All sort of meetings and trips took place. I can´t remember them all anymore. Often Rabbit and I got to stay at the guest house chilling and enjoying the chanting coming from the temples. Very relaxing I must say.





Than was time to say goodbye and to meet my new friends. We were invited to visit and orphanage close to the old part of town. Around 30-40 min. drive from our place. It takes so long, because there is soooooooooo much traffic. Unbelievable to be honest. There are around 400 orphanages in Nepal but not all of them are run well, less than half of them. Which is not good and this is why we are in Nepal to help make that change. This was a good orphanage with 18 children. Boys and girls mixed and all happy. They life in a big house and we got to see all rooms and played with the children. I am very happy to be here now and there is a lot for us to play.

Here are a few pictures of my new friends.





This is all for now Elizabeth. I have to go play again.

Lots of Love from me to you and many Bussis to Frankfurt mein Schatz.





bbuildsupnepal – Let´s create a better life for children in Nepal.

We are creating a Better Transit Home in Kathmandu for street children, runaways or children who were victims of abuse. Help making a difference for children and families in Nepal.


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