GIZ about the Himalayas / We also support solar energy👍🏼

Rural areas in Nepal suffer from a poorly developed power grid. The most sustainable and simple solution: electricity from water and sun.

“The landscape of the Himalayas is a special challenge for Nepal when it comes to power supply. Especially in the remote areas it is difficult to connect to the power grid. Renewable energies offer a solution: sun and water are abundant. With the help of solar and hydroelectric power plants, thousands of people in Nepal now have access to reliable and sustainable energy supplies for the first time. Particularly important for the mountainous country: the plants function even without being connected to the central power grid.

Also at Manoj Thakur the power was constantly out. The Nepalese migrant worker had returned to Nepal after many years in Kuwait to set up his own hairdressing business in his home district of Ilam, in the very east of the country. Power cuts interrupted his work several times a day. The solution: a solar system on the roof of his store. To do this, Thakur had access to a credit fund for renewable energies and advice from experts: “I was afraid I would have to give up my business. Now I no longer worry. I can live on my income,” he says. The reliable power supply was implemented as part of a project of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH is implementing it in cooperation with the Nepalese government.

Renewable energy: Reliable, sustainable and economic.

Manoj Thakur’s hairdressing salon is not an isolated case: thanks to the project, over 140,000 people in Nepal now have reliable access to sustainable electricity. This benefits not only private households but also public institutions such as hospitals. The interconnection in island networks, so-called “mini-grids”, offers them reliable power supply independent of the public grid. The project thus not only solves existential problems, but also contributes to climate protection: More than seven tons of CO2 are now saved every year”.

How can you support us? By donations for the purchase of solar plants.

Light or electricity are not the norm in many parts of Nepal. This means that much wood is burned in stoves to produce light. This is obviously not good for many reasons: soot formation in the house, but also deforestation of the forests and it is still dangerous.
Up to 70 diseases can be attributed to the open fireplaces, which are used for cooking, heating and lighting. Diseases mainly of mothers and children.

What we do: Supply houses in remote areas with solar panels to provide light for the houses. Help them to help themselves.

Solution: Installation of 1 solar system per house including 4 lamps to be installed. For 250 € we get: 1 x solar light source, the set consisting of: Solar cell (40W), 4 LED lamps, battery and cable, multi charger, transport, installation and maintenance training.

(pictures: Birgit Baier)

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