Welcome to our site. The journey started in May 2015 after Birgit arrived in Kathmandu one day after the second earthquake. Her sister made her go to Kathmandu. “I am happy the way things are turning out, will always be thankful for being sent to Nepal and eagerly awaiting all the good things that are still ahead of me. Especially with all the support I already got from different people and my friends who urged me to create an organization to be able to raise more money.”  This is exactly what happened. An nonprofit organization in Germany is registered.

bbuildsupnepal e.V. is about helping to create a better live for children in Nepal. It is about raising money and contributing with time and knowledge to work on sustainable solutions. It is about securing space, growing together, sharing knowledge and creating a future. The original idea to build a house for the “Women and Children Service Center Nepal” has evolved into something bigger. In alignment with all involved parties we decided to focus on children with stronger need for example through programs that will create safe spaces for children and work on empowerment of the parents.

If you want to learn more about Birgit´s trip to Kathmandu and how it all started click here: Click here to learn about: 11500 km by train or why I am supporting children in Nepal.  or read an article on Materialist here.

Enjoy the journey and if you dare: join us on our endeavour. All support  incl. spreading the word is highly appreciated! Please remember: No matter how small, everything counts to make a difference – even things that are for free: like a smile or simply the time you took to read this. Thanks for that!


Your bbuildsupnepal team.

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