Rotary Club Berlin-Nord and bbuildsupnepal.

It was planned for a long time and then it took place: with great pleasure we accepted the invitation to the Rotary Club Berlin-Nord meeting in February to present our organisation and the trip to get “there”. Presentation title was: “Transit: a journey and new future for children in Nepal.”

Birgit: “It was a lot of fun for me, especially the lively exchange and the many good questions and comments. I felt very welcome.”

We say: Thank you for your kind invitation. It is always wonderful and encouraging to meet people who are passionate to make a difference in life and show interest in the work of other people.

Here a link to our presentation if you want to read it (it’s in German) –>

“What makes me happy is ….”

Working with 5th semester International Management B.A. Class of Macromedia University of Applied Science on donors’ behavior was a great experience. We gained a lot of valuable insights and suggestions we can use going forward. At the end of the semester we conducted some interviews because we were eager to hear more on personal motivations and triggers.

Therefore Birgit interviewed David, Francesca, Lea, Manning and Amanda. Of course, we are interested to find out from you, how you finish the sentence: „Every child deserves ….“

This is the first of 5 interviews. Please meet David.

“Project 3” / Fifth semester students learning about donation behavior, social business and more…!

No question, we are totally (!) happy that the Macromedia University, Campus Berlin, is dedicating a project to our nonprofit. International Management students are writing a research paper that helps us to learn more about the willingness to donate. The insights gained are transformed into strategy(s), ideas and concepts are presented that we can implement.

It is also practical that Birgit is the lecturer for the class and can therefore ensure that initial findings can be implemented immediately, to ensure that students do not develop their ideas for nothing and that the results can be followed in real time. In the course of the semester, for example, the Advent calendar was created, email marketing was launched as a fixed communication channel, small changes were made to the website, Facebook was optimized etc. 🙂

The workshop was especially fun. Besides information about bbuildsupnepal, the participants were given information about Nepal in a playful way (online game) and in a way that was fun. The winner received a prize, as a decent quiz should be.

Quiz Time

But before the participants let their “ideas bubble” and sharing with us what works for them and what doesn’t, we worked together on building a bridge: with the simplest means and under time pressure. Not only that, but the car was also supposed to drive 30 centimeters over the bridge.

Caroline brave as always and open for some fun:

uppsssss ….

There is no giving up, because the other team had already passed its task with flying colours .

Happy End 🙂

Every beginning is hard, but together they made it!

It’s the same for us: the beginning was hard, but in the course of time more and more people supported us. This is a great feeling as you can imagine and makes us proud.

We would like to thank all our supporters and especially “Birgit’s students” for their enormous commitment, which will benefit children and women in Nepal and of course also us 🙂

Please meet Buddy Sabrina Henning

Today we would like to introduce you to Sabrina. She supports us since 2015, whenever she can.

“I’ve been following the history of bbuildsupnepal e.V. from the beginning. Especially as a mother of two small children, it is very important to me to support an organization that supports children and at the same time finds sustainable solutions to support these children for a long time. A big thank you to Birgit and all the helpers of bbuildsupnepal e.V. for what they have created in the last years and what they continue to push forward.”

Sabrina Henning, Senior Office Manager, Feelgood Manager, Re:Sources Publicis Groupe Company

We thank you very much for your commitment and trust in our work!

Himalaya information from GIZ – it concerns all of us.

“The extended Himalayan region is one of the world’s most important ecosystems. It provides the livelihoods of more than 210 million people. The region is the upper catchment area of large river systems, which supply water to nearly one fifth of the global population. The region’s ecosystems play an essential role in water storage and conservation of biodiversity. Climate change and increased pressure on usage contribute to the degradation of sensitive mountain ecosystems, particularly in the high mountains of the Himalayas. Parts of the region are still characterized by extreme poverty. Many areas are difficult to access and cut off from markets due to disputed borders, geopolitical conflicts and lack of infrastructure. Labour migration (mainly by men), rapid social transformation, climate change and increased pressure on usage of already degraded resources exacerbate the socio-economic situation.

Ein Bild, das draußen, Berg, Natur, Ebene enthält.

Automatisch generierte Beschreibung
BIldquelle: Birgit Baier

This particularly affects women in the region, who are often responsible for working with natural resources due to traditional and socio-cultural structures. Despite this responsibility, they are rarely involved in decisions about their distribution, usage and conservation….”

(Picture Source: Birgit Baier)

When the Embassador calls …

Birgit didn’t have to think twice when the invitation reached her inbox.

An invitation from the Nepalese Ambassador, H.E., Mr. Ramesh Prasad Khanal and his wife to a meeting in their house in Berlin. The occasion was an official visit of a delegation of the Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) at secretary level to the Federal Republic of Germany, led by Mr Maheshwor Neupane, secretary of the CIAA.

Our work, the programmes we support and the partnership with Voice of Children were discussed. We also made new friends, such as members of the press office of the General Prosecutor and the Federal Foreign Office.

It’s fantastic to see Nepal and Germany actively working together and supporting each other. Great discussions and interesting exchange. “Thank you very much for the nice evening, the great conversations and the super delicious Nepalese food.”

Translated with (free version)

links im Bild: Frau und Herr Ramesh Prasad Khanal (Nepalesischen Botschafter, S.E)

A wonderful evening in an almost family setting. It is a great feeling to be recognized for the work we do with all your supporters and that our efforts are appreciated.

Keep it up!!

3 times Happiness for you

The idea was born in a conversation in Berlin. Shortly afterwards Caroline and Birgit met to talk about designs, because a trip to Nepal was planned. And so it happened: Birgit visited a cashmir factory in Kathmandu, which established contact with a local jewellery manufacturer.

The special twist about it is that the jewellery is made by survivors of human trafficking and people without hearing. People who certainly do not have an easy life and a secure income in Nepal.

More here from Caroline – in German 🙂

All details were discussed in Kathmandu. And then everything took its course: here are our prototypes which were tuned via WhatsApp 🙂

As a next step we received the first samples from Nepal. Now we skip this part quickly.

After some more loops we got the following pictures:

By now, at the latest, we were all totally under the spell of the process. It’s an incredibly beautiful feeling to see how something comes out of an idea: Berlin / Kathmandu / Berlin. A cooperation between people who are at different places in the world, who don’t know each other and yet it works. A collaboration an enthusiasm and an understanding of an idea that has only one goal: To make people happy.

And now we are waiting for the things that our packages will arrive well in Berlin. And in time for the Christmas market … it remains exciting, because on 01.12.2019 at 13 o’clock we have a stand on the light market around the town hall in Lichtenberg (Möllendorfstrasse) in Berlin….

A tour: Transit Home – a street children program in Kathmandu

Come with us and and have a sneak view on how the Voice of Children temporary home for street children looks like. Birgit takes us on a tour.

We want to make sure you know where parts of our raised funds will end up.

Transit Home / Dropping & Socialization Center for boys

We went to visit Voice of Children in Kathmandu to learn about their work, the programs they are running and their facilities. It is amazing to see how this organization is taking care of the children and all the other work that is done from preventing, to capacity building to education to provide families with seed money to empower them to take the children back etc. We were absolutely amazed and still are. The program coordinator gave Birgit a tour which we would like to share with you.

Hear about the Dropping Center.

We also learned that in 2016 were around 1.200 – 1.500 Street Children in Kathmandu. Mainly boys (90%) and we learned that the concept of foster families has been launched recently and is still new to the country.

Why less girls you may ask: here comes social norm into play. Girls are educated to take less “risks”. Therefore, they stay longer at home and tend to suffer rather than to run away. On average it takes longer for girls to run away. And the ones that are “out there” are being closely watched by the boys or grown ups: either they are sending them to work (domestic worker, entertainment industry) or the boys fight over the girls (age 10-14). So these are reasons why they are not really visible in the streets. Often they end up getting a baby what brings them in the street with a child.

Birgit learned also, that daily isn’t weekly 🙂

As a next stop, we went to see the Sports Hall, where the kids engage in activities jointly with social workers and volunteer help. Activities are for example dance, do yoga or other activities. Children were super engaged, laughing and really seemed to enjoy dancing!

For a few minutes we were able to be part of the scene and felt the positive energy. A safe space for Street Children to forget and enjoy.

A little further up where the 2 socialization centers one with solar panels on the roof and one sponsored by the European Union.

We for sure will come back and are very happy to support Voice of Children with their work!

Happy Reunion

We met Laxmi and the children for the first time in 2015, right after the earth quake. We travelled to meet them 5 times, supported Women and Children Service Center for a bit over 2 years and finally went back to meet up again.

It was really good to meet them all incl. the new children and we will for sure go back again to see how we can support.

Great also to see that many things we bought are still in use! 🙂

The orphanage mooved to a new location that provides them with more space and the opportunity to grew vegetbales. Birgit had to pick a cucumber that was delicious. 🙂