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Creative Children Home

Since 2020, we have been supporting a children home in Kathmandu, which now cares for over 18 children orphans  or children in need (8 girls and 10 boys) plus 3 care taker. Our support started small with hygiene packs, an oven and extended to paying school fee for the children.

More here: https://bbuildsupnepal.com/en/2021/10/31/new-friendship-srijansil-children-welfare-childrens-home-thanks-madan/

Schoolmate program 

We are very pleased to announce that we have supported the Rainbow Volunteer Project for the SECOND time.  It is a free notebook initiative for children of schools and orphanages in rural communities or for children who cannot buy school notebooks.

What exactly is it about? It is an initiative to encourage children to join school at a young age. In Nepal, preschool needs are often overlooked and parents are reluctant to send their children to school.

We help support the needs of preschool children and encourage them to go to school at a young age. This project will motivate parents to send their children to school regularly.

Birgit met Madan Poudeyal (Founder and Chairperson Rainbow Volunteer Club Nepal) after the earthquake in the camp.

Whats the project for: it is an initiative to encourage children of Nepal to join school at an early age. In Nepal usually pre-school children’s need are often overlooked and parent’s hesitate to send their children to the school.

Background: In Nepal, formal school education has been in the process of development only since 1950. In the early 1950s the total literacy rate was about 2%. It was only after 1951 that primary education started to develop in Nepal and particularly early childhood education was the most neglected aspect in the whole education system of Nepal. Today the Nepalese education system is rapidly expanding and striving to meet the needs of all children. Early childhood development (ECD) has for a long time been given less importance than it deserves. Care of young children has not been given enough attention, especially within the school, family or home.

Children have core curriculum textbooks and are usually expected to provide their own note pads and pencils. Many children are often very poor, especially children from poor and marginalized communities who can´t effort school books. This often links back to the challenge parents have in fulfilling basic requirements for their children like for example to go to the school regularly.

We help to support  the needs of pre-school kids and encourage them to join school at the early age. This project will motivate parents to send their children to the school regularly.



Foodbank and Hygiene packs

In December 2020, we supported a food bank for children and families in slums for 4 weeks. Every day about 300 meals were prepared and distributed directly on site with water and a mask. We would love to support this program longer. The program was discontinued after the Lokdown.

Thanks for your support!!

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