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We learned about a new rule in Kathmandu or maybe even a rule that applies for the entire country. School busses must all be painted yellow and the drivers / personnel have to wear a uniform so it`s visible to everyone that this is a vehicle transporting children 🙂


We also learned that it is compulsory to go to school, but as there is no official registration system and therefore no one really checks many children do not attend school. Legal age in Nepal is 16 years, but it will be raised to 18.

A change in the right direction. There are private schools – around 2.000 – 3.000 Rupees per month and government funded by government or parents: about  8.000 Rupees per year still to much for many families. 8.000 Rupees are around 62€ or 76 USD! One step to get some children of the streets….

According to Penny  (whatch her video on YouTube) who supported outside of Pokhara for 6 weeks – she was not allowed to say that she is a volunteer as this is a different status – , the english skills of teachers in local schools are poor which is a real challenge for the kids to learn the language. We had lots of children writing and drawing for us during our last Nepal trip and it was super obvious who went to school and who did not.

The posters were displayed in a book shop… look at the T for phone to get an indication how outdated the material is… Q all Caucasians….. one could argue: better than nothing …


bbuildsupnepal – Let´s create a better life for children in Nepal.

We are creating a Better Transit Home in Kathmandu for street children, runaways or children who were victims of abuse. Help making a difference for children and families in Nepal.


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