COVID-19 Nepal Update / Hygiene Packs

Since 24th of March the Government of Nepal has locked down the country. All schools, colleges, market, industries, cinemas, etc. are closed including restrictions on mobility for the public and businesses. The government has decided to halt the operation of international and domestic flights till May 15 as a precautionary measure against the spread of COVID-19.

The Ministry of Health and Population has shared its latest updates on COVID-19 from across the country. As of today, the total number of infections has reached 49 while 12 people have recovered from the coronavirus disease.

The country has 13 labs that are functioning to test of Corona Disease spread over 7 provinces of Nepal. 

Due to lack of vehicles thousands of people have gone and are still going back to their villages by food. Migrant families are having massive problems to get food in the cities, because they are very much dependent on their daily wages as they work from day to day. 

The supply of necessities in the major cities, including Kathmandu are available but the prices of daily commodities rose. Daily wage earners have lost their job and they do not have other source of income besides waiting government support. In this crisis mainly elderly people, children and people with physical disabilities are suffering most. The government has established a Corona relief fund to support affected people and appealed to support through relief fund.

Our partner VOC (Voice of Children Nepal) is working on creating and distributing hygiene packages for families living in remote villages. We are supporting this initiative, to help ensure that the virus doesn’t spread more in Nepal. More details to follow. Thanks to all of our supporters. With your help we can make a difference.

(picture source: Birgit Baier)

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