Street Children and Family Support / Dropping and Socialization Center

We are partnering with Voice of Children Nepal an NGO headquartered in Kathmandu. Together we are stronger, can join an established and well working infrastructure and have access to experience and knowledge which will allow us to help create advocacy for the children most venerable.

“Voice of Children (VOC) is a non-government organization working and advocating for street and sexually abused children of Nepal. It is established in 2000 A.D. with a motive to work for children living/working in the street and sexually abused children. VOC aims to prevent further increase in the number of street children by working with vulnerable families living in urban areas; slums and low-rent areas to empower them and spread awareness as many children come to the street from such families. As VOC believes that family is most important for children, it emphasizes on social reintegration of the children living/working in the street by improving their life skills & capacity for sustainability. It also focus to protect children from any form of sexual abuse by raising awareness on child sexual abuse and offering legal, social and psychological support to sexually abused children & their families.”

Areas we support:

  • Programs to eradicate Street Children
  • Dropping and Socialization Center
  • Family empowerment
  • Programs to raise awareness on sexual abuse, trafficking and hygiene
  • Training for

What can be achieved with how much? Here are some examples for you:

  • 14,– € are needed per child for a set of clothes; this makes per child per year (14€ x 3 = ) 42,– €.
  • For 25,– € we can buy food for 1 child for one month.
  • With approx. 15,– € one child per year can be medically cared for (operations and complications excluded).
  • For 120,– € can be given to a family start-up aid: to open a vegetable shop or to buy a small cow or chicken in rural areas.
  • School fees in a public school, should a child come back to the parents are about 200, – € per year.

Considering that the average salary is 22,905 RS (about 172€) and half of the population lives on about one dollar per person per day, it is not surprising that it leads to financial problems. Among other things to the fact that approx. 2/3 of the children under 14 years must work

Some more examples to get a better perspective
20 kg apples and 80 pounds bread cost about 30,– €. 140 kg potatoes around 45,–€ and 25 kg onions for about 12,– €.

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