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My name is Birgit Baier, I live in Berlin and I am the Founder & Chairperson at bbuildsupnepal e.V. My passion is about creating, giving back, caring and making a difference in this world. This has always been the case. I am actively engaged in contributing  for as long as I can remember, starting at the age of 10. In 2001 I worked as a Fundraising Consultant for UNICEF China, were I established and set up their fundraising department. When I was in Nepal, after the earth quake, it was self-evident for me, that I want to and will support. I am glad to be able to help make a difference and greatly thankful to meet so many people who feel the same way. Support us: don´t wait: donate now.

My name Heidrun Schaberg-Bereznicki and I am the Treasurer at bbuildsupepal e.V. I am based in Hamburg 20151230_184433.jpgand a humanitarian by heart with a strong passion to help make a difference, especially in turbulent times like we are all experience right now. Love, family, believe, respect and gender equality are topics that I am fierce about. I love being a grandma and thankful knowing that my family are well taken care off. One more reason for me to be active in contributing and helping Birgit to create better lives for children in Nepal. Birgit and I  met over 10 years ago, became trusted friends that share same values. By trade I am a certified tax advisor. Support us now. 🙂

WhatsApp Image 2018-10-14 at 21.15.23Hello, my name is Heidemarie von Münchhausen and I am living in Hamburg for 2 years now. I was born in the former Eastern part of Germany and 3 years old when my mother escaped 1945 with three little children to West Germany. In my life I experienced injustices and misunderstandings which made me very cautions about these topics, especially with helpless children and animals. Due to the fact that I travelled around a lot and lived 13 years in Toronto/ Canada I can say that I am lucky to have met many people from different cultures. I am a Photo Technician by trade. Through my friendship with Heidrun I got to know Birgit. From the beginning I was very impressed about her intensive and honest engagement and decided to get involved in helping children myself, because nothing is worse then hungry and lost children in the world. We should do and try everything we can, to give children Hope and a better Protection and Love, so they can grow in to a better Future. Thanks in advance for support.

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Hello, my name is Marcus Pauli. Born in Leipzig, I fell passionate about digital marketing ever since I moved to Berlin a decade ago. Besides, I have an academic background in Area Studies focussing on Asia and Africa, international conflicts, and strategic studies. Strongly believing that we have to help others with the best of our abilities to create a global, humane society, I immediately chose to support Birgit’s project – and joined her team. I think of it as an opportunity that rises opportunities to others. Support us and help make a difference with  your donation.

Hi my name is FullSizeRender.jpgElizabeth Lucas ( I was born and raised in New York City, where I am currently based.  With a passion for travel and curiosity to experience other cultures I moved to Asia with my husband for 5 years where our daughter was born.  I first met Birgit 19 years ago when we both were living in the Philippines and we have remained friends since.  I am especially passionate about the protection of children’s rights and was honored when Birgit asked me to be involved with the orphanage.  I work in a creative industry and have years of experience brining creative minds together.  As a producer, I am particularly good at putting shape and creating space to allow people to realize their own potential and I look forward to helping Birgit do this with the organization and the children.  You can donate here.

Hi, my name is Thomas Baier and I am the Second Chairperson at bbuildsupnepal e.V. I am Birgit´s brother and live in Berlin since 28 years. I have a diploma in Geography and a Batchelor in Bioinformatics. My passion is Music and the study of noise. Focus is on its impact on humans and the studies are conducted in my studio in Berlin. Birgit and myself we travelled to Nepal 31 years ago which was the life changing experience for me and the foundation for my connection to Nepal. I am happy and excited to help support making a difference. Every little donation helps: donate now!


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Hi, my name is Eike Silvester Wiemann. I’m designer and a former colleague of Birgit at Wunderman. When she asked me the favour to design the brandmark for the project it was clear for me at the very first moment to help out. I worked as a Creative Director for several international agencies in different channels. In addition to design and advertising I’m an expert in digital fundraising due to my work for World Vision Germany which I very much enjoyed for a few years. My wish is, that we are doing well with the organisation and the work will be a success. Are you with me? Yes? Thats great, so don’t hesitate and donate now!!

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