Street Children / Abused & Forgotten

We all have an idea that Street Children are the most vulnerable group of children. Sexual abuse is hidden, but a widely prevalent suffering among the children. It is safe to say that over  90 % of them are physically and psychologically abused. Many sniff carpet glue to escape hunger, their worries, fear, loneliness orContinue reading “Street Children / Abused & Forgotten”

Caste System in Nepal or 2006 still hasn´t reached 2018

Today we want to talk about the caste system in Nepal, something even so widely understood as outdated and discriminating the country seems to hold tight to. Let´s start by laying out the basics to better understand. The Nepalese caste system developed parallel to the Indian one and wasn´t part of ancient Nepal. It isContinue reading “Caste System in Nepal or 2006 still hasn´t reached 2018”