Yay, this is my new booklet / Very different this time.

In most preschool classrooms of rural schools in Nepal, there are hardly any learning materials or toys. The quality of school materials is extremely poor. Unfortunately, schoolchildren often lack basic school equipment. And unfortunately, many families also do not have the money to buy their children exercise books. What is great is that in NepalContinue reading “Yay, this is my new booklet / Very different this time.”

Collaboration & the dealing with the internet

Here is an excerpt: One of the biggest challenges right now is protection from internet abuse, which includes sexual abuse that happens online. The fact is that 70 % of young people have cell phones and 60 % use the Internet. Parents often have no control over it and often don’t know what’s happening, what the dangers of the Internet are, or simply can’t keep up with the speed of development.

Finally, after more than two years: meeting in Kathmandu

As soon as it was clear that nothing stood in the way of a trip to Nepal, Birgit was on the plane. As a first session a meeting with Voice of Children was arranged. The joy was great on both sides, as we can see. “I am deeply impressed with Krishna Thapa the President ofContinue reading “Finally, after more than two years: meeting in Kathmandu”