Love is in the Air! / Special Hearts especially for us.

The idea to print balloons was born after a trip to Nepal and the request to bring back hearts and, ideally, more, because not only the kids liked the balloons 🙂

The connection to our logo is a given and the desire that our dream will come true and will take off, supported our decision. So we researched online and found Die Ballon Drucker or did they find us?

Non Profit Westeifel Werke: ” Freshly printed by  Die Ballon Drucker, many colorful balloons and heart balloons for #bbuildsupnepal are now on their way to Berlin, the USA and, of course, Nepal. The special feature of the printed balloons: They  were printed by people with intellectual disabilities. They do their work with passion and make sure that the printed balloons from their workshop in Hermesdorf near Bitburg always become particularly beautiful. The employees are happy that they can support a project like #bbuildsupnepal with their work. “

These are really special balloons and we are very happy that we got  them from the dedicated team. We sincerely thank the team for the balloons that were made with so much love for us and children in Nepal and the Westeifel plants that make it possible. The hearts will certainly help us spread #bbuildsupnepal and generate lots of great images on the social media channels to make our project known. You will now see the balloons at every event and at the FrankfurtBook Fair. 

Its wonderful to be able to create something beautiful.

Love is in the air. Beautiful or what do you think?

A Better Transit Home in Kathmandu.

Donate to create a better life for children in Nepal! A better Transit Home for 30-35 street children and unaccompanied minors.






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