3 times Happiness for you

The idea was born in a conversation in Berlin. Shortly afterwards Caroline and Birgit met to talk about designs, because a trip to Nepal was planned. And so it happened: Birgit visited a cashmir factory in Kathmandu, which established contact with a local jewellery manufacturer.

The special twist about it is that the jewellery is made by survivors of human trafficking and people without hearing. People who certainly do not have an easy life and a secure income in Nepal.

More here from Caroline – in German 🙂 https://youtu.be/_s9bFC2mssI

All details were discussed in Kathmandu. And then everything took its course: here are our prototypes which were tuned via WhatsApp 🙂

As a next step we received the first samples from Nepal. Now we skip this part quickly.

After some more loops we got the following pictures:

By now, at the latest, we were all totally under the spell of the process. It’s an incredibly beautiful feeling to see how something comes out of an idea: Berlin / Kathmandu / Berlin. A cooperation between people who are at different places in the world, who don’t know each other and yet it works. A collaboration an enthusiasm and an understanding of an idea that has only one goal: To make people happy.

And now we are waiting for the things that our packages will arrive well in Berlin. And in time for the Christmas market … it remains exciting, because on 01.12.2019 at 13 o’clock we have a stand on the light market around the town hall in Lichtenberg (Möllendorfstrasse) in Berlin….

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