“Project 3” / Fifth semester students learning about donation behavior, social business and more…!

No question, we are totally (!) happy that the Macromedia University, Campus Berlin, is dedicating a project to our nonprofit. International Management students are writing a research paper that helps us to learn more about the willingness to donate. The insights gained are transformed into strategy(s), ideas and concepts are presented that we can implement.

It is also practical that Birgit is the lecturer for the class and can therefore ensure that initial findings can be implemented immediately, to ensure that students do not develop their ideas for nothing and that the results can be followed in real time. In the course of the semester, for example, the Advent calendar was created, email marketing was launched as a fixed communication channel, small changes were made to the website, Facebook was optimized etc. πŸ™‚

The workshop was especially fun. Besides information about bbuildsupnepal, the participants were given information about Nepal in a playful way (online game) and in a way that was fun. The winner received a prize, as a decent quiz should be.

Quiz Time

But before the participants let their “ideas bubble” and sharing with us what works for them and what doesn’t, we worked together on building a bridge: with the simplest means and under time pressure. Not only that, but the car was also supposed to drive 30 centimeters over the bridge.

Caroline brave as always and open for some fun:

uppsssss ….

There is no giving up, because the other team had already passed its task with flying colours .

Happy End πŸ™‚

Every beginning is hard, but together they made it!

It’s the same for us: the beginning was hard, but in the course of time more and more people supported us. This is a great feeling as you can imagine and makes us proud.

We would like to thank all our supporters and especially “Birgit’s students” for their enormous commitment, which will benefit children and women in Nepal and of course also us πŸ™‚

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