International Happiness Day / sukha and 9 more words

First of all, we wish you all a wonderful and happy Happiness Day 2021 and that it continues for you until at least 31.12.2021. Especially in this really challenging and strange time that demands so much from us in every way YOU only deserve the best.

But what does happiness actually mean? Certainly something different for each of us, that much is certain.

Meaning of the word 

The word “luck”, from Middle High German glücke/gelücke (from the second half of the 12th century) or Middle Low German gelücke/lücke, originally meant something like “the way something ends/good turns out”. Luck was therefore the favourable outcome of an event. To be distinguished from this is Glückseligkeit, which is usually explained and understood in connection with a state of (religious) salvation or a high degree of self-satisfaction.

In other languages, there is a clear distinction between the meanings of the words “to be lucky” and “to be happy”. In English there are the phrases to be lucky (“to have luck”; derived from luck) and to be happy (“to be happy”, from happiness). 

Sanskrit has over ten words to describe feelings of happiness, such as sukha for happiness that gives a pleasant sensation, krtarthata for satisfaction after a deed, ananda for joyful bliss, sampad for the pleasant feeling in the body after yoga exercises, for example.

And what it means for us

It makes us happy when we can give children and families some happiness, hope and a future. When we can bring about change through you, positive change. It also makes us happy when we gain your trust and motivate you to join us, when we feel your response and realize that you are interested in our news, follow us on social media, and support our chosen programs through your donations. Thank you for this and please let us know if you have any suggestions or proposals: we look forward to a dialogue with you.

And what makes you happy? Let us know 😊

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