Finally, after more than two years: meeting in Kathmandu

As soon as it was clear that nothing stood in the way of a trip to Nepal, Birgit was on the plane. As a first session a meeting with Voice of Children was arranged. The joy was great on both sides, as we can see.

“I am deeply impressed with Krishna Thapa the President of Voice of Children Nepal, what he has accomplished and all that he and his team are achieving for street children. That includes work in education, systemic change and strengthening families so that children can go back – if it makes sense. And who knows someone who is being honored by the President of the United States for their accomplishments?”

We discussed our cooperation and the direction for 2022+. New creative ideas were elaborated as well. Afterwards Birgit visited the Dropping Center, was guest of a family who talked about the reintegration of their son and she could talk to 2 boys who are doing vocational training as part of their integration. An incredible experience: transparent, open and inspiring. Thank you to all our supporters and we are happy to collaborate with VOC. There is a lot of work to be done. Every cent counts and makes a difference.

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