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Today we would like to talk about one of our long-time partners: Rainbow Volunteer Club. It is a non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring and supporting children and youth. They are a dedicated team of motivated youth who want to help the children of Nepal with the gift of love and hope.

Our relationship with Madan Poudeyal, President of Rainbow Volunteer Club Nepal, dates back to 2015. Since then, we have launched projects such as exercise books, sponsored a food bank during the lockdown, and supported various children’s homes with hygiene kits.

Corona Aid

For one month we provided daily about 200 food packages including drinks and masks for needy children and families in the slums of Kathmandu. All were arranged, managed, and implemented by Madan and Team for a much longer period.

About Madan
Madan was a math teacher at an elementary school before 2015. During the massive earthquake in 2015, his school was severely damaged. From that moment on, he focused on making his dream come true: a non-profit to educate children.

As a teacher at a community school, Madan knows all the needs of a child from rural community, an area where parents have no education and it is difficult to get even basic things that children need for school. So most of the time the needs of the children go unnoticed.

Madan focuses on helping needy children with all its strength and resources at its disposal.

About Schoolmate
In most preschool classrooms in rural schools in Nepal, learning materials and toys are scarce and the quality of school supplies is extremely poor. Children in the schools have very limited resources and often their pockets lack the basic necessities for school.

In Nepal, the enrollment of children in school is common – even in rural areas – but continuous school attendance is always uncertain. The situation of children in Nepal shows that they are exploited in our society, knowingly or unknowingly.

In community schools, there are often no measures or resources to meet the needs of students even from very weak financial backgrounds by providing necessary school materials. There are no opportunities for kindergarten children to have any privileges.

Our vision is for the Rainbow SCHOOLMATE to become a young learner’s friend in school. Since exercise books are the first and most important need of children, we hope that with our support, children will be encouraged to perform better, develop a positive attitude towards school, and build self-confidence as young learners. We hope that RAINBOW Schoolmate can help the community slowly understand the value of education and accept our contribution and strive to meet the needs of their children.

We are impressed by the strength, joy and passion with which Madan leads his organization and glad that we met in 2015.

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