Recap 1 – Frankfurt Book Fair / We made it :)

Recap of exciting days – Birgit Baier: Madan arrived on Sunday in Berlin. Thomas and myself went to pick him up at Airport Tegel. We were super happy, that everything worked out with the visa – which wasn´t an easy task. But that is a totally different story. Most importantly: we made it happen:) TheContinue reading “Recap 1 – Frankfurt Book Fair / We made it :)”

Frankfurt Book Fair / “Through our Eyes”

We went to 9 places in Kathmandu, spoke to almost 20 children and had around 12 kids to participate in our project. The idea is to see the world of street children through their eyes to get an idea on their reality and needs. Not an easy task. Madan Magar – President BBUN: “Rahul BKContinue reading “Frankfurt Book Fair / “Through our Eyes””