Frankfurt Book Fair / “Through our Eyes”

We went to 9 places in Kathmandu, spoke to almost 20 children and had around 12 kids to participate in our project. The idea is to see the world of street children through their eyes to get an idea on their reality and needs. Not an easy task.

DSC09717 (1)

Madan Magar – President BBUN: “Rahul BK took this picture. I asked him about why this picture.” His response was: “Either rich people or poor people, everyone has to come in this same platform at end of the

Over 50 amazing pictures are created that are all short stories in their own way.

We are at the Book Fair thanks to Frankfurt Book Fair that sponsored us to talk about our photo art book project to help create awareness for children in Nepal and to look for a publisher that is interested in supporting us.


We are happy that a lot of people stop at our stand to take a look at the pictures displayed, to learn whats going on. We create meaningful new connections and maybe we get lucky to find a publisher that wants to help make a difference for children in Nepal.

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