We are on it: fines list in favor of organizations

We have good news to announce: since 27.04.2020 we are on the “list of fines” for the next 2 years. During this time we should have received at least one allocation of money by then. However, there is also the possibility of an extension before expiry. A big thank you to the district court Tiergarten! Approximately 100 to 120 million euros are donated to charitable organizations.

Rotary Club Berlin-Nord and bbuildsupnepal.

It was planned for a long time and then it took place: with great pleasure we accepted the invitation to the Rotary Club Berlin-Nord meeting in February to present our organisation and the trip to get “there”. Presentation title was: “Transit: a journey and new future for children in Nepal.” Birgit: “It was a lotContinue reading “Rotary Club Berlin-Nord and bbuildsupnepal.”

Herbert & Team collect money for Nepal / Christmas Market in Berlin

Cara fragte mich, ob Sie und Ihre Kollegen mein Nepal Projekt unterstützen können. Wie könnte ich dazu nein sagen?? “Jedes Jahr ab November bis zum 01. des neuen Jahres treffen wir uns um als perfekt eingespieltes Team den Weihnachtsmarkt zu rocken. Herbert ist unser Chef und hat seit diesem Jahr fünf Stände auf dem WeihnachtsmarktContinue reading “Herbert & Team collect money for Nepal / Christmas Market in Berlin”