We are Family / Embrace !

We moved in November. It was amazing what we achieved in 10 days. 73 people from around the world: friends, friends of friends, family and co-workers! supported my idea. We collected almost 7000 USD! I was very flattered and touched to see how many people joined the same wish to help create a better life for the children and how many people trusted me doing the right thing. Very reassuring not being questioned but 100% trusted.

My outmost respect to Laxmi – who runs the orphanage and her husband who supports financially and emotinally, to her daughter Nobel who actively supports, to all 73 (!!) donors from around the world who pledge money, my friends Arjun and Raj who helped translate the German into the Nepalese style (I admit I can get carried away by my Germanic organizational skills)  and the kids who so effortlessly smooth ensured the transition. And I got introduced to Resham who became much more than our trusted and reliable driver. A man who managed to get gas in a time where was hardly any, so that we were able to get around town. Without Arjun, Raj and Resham we wouldn’t be were we are today. We found a new place, got 6 steel bunk beds made, bought new mattresses, blankets, towels, kitchen equipment, floor cover, a washing machine, I got a digital camera, tablet, portable speaker so that we can dance :), cloth for the children, 15plus solar lambs from Berlin, and I was able to pay rent in advance for 1 1/2 years. It is truly mind blowing what can be done with that amount of money and in such a short period of time. Everybody was determined to make it happen. We had moments we felt like its never going to work in such a short time and moments when we laughed out hysterically. And somehow we all knew: it’s going to work and we all could see it. So we all decided to create a little magic together: German and Nepalese style. And it worked! I wanted to ensure that the donors felt even better knowing what they contributed to.

I got the following pictures a few days ago. You might know that Nepal had a really tough time after the earthquakes due to gas and oil shortage. Which forced many families to built cooking places outside their kitchen and to collect wood to be able to use fire to cook.

All better again…. Can’t wait to meet them all again.

He was a month old when I left……now he can sleep in a bed in a safe place.



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