The Real Deal / Wittness / Fingerprint Proof

3 days ago we went to sign the lease agreement for the orphanage. I decided to take the oldest child with us. We walked from the old place to the new one exploring the new neighbourhood. We saw many nice fields, growing vegetables, a fish farm and heard children’s laughter. The new place is walking distance and very close to their actual school.

You can see the mountains and the air is great. No traffic noise which is actually amazing because the main road is not that far away. All in all it feels good. We all agreed that this is a good place with good karma. A nice and safe place for the kids.

It is a really good neighbourhood and people know each other. The landlord told to me, that I don’t need to worry about any earthquake, because they build their house very strong and solid. And indeed it survived the last 2 ones without demage. He also said, that they do have a warning system: if anything happens, they press a serin and the entire neighbourhood gets alerted and  come to help….. Wow … What a difference. The place before as open to everybody. The gate wasn’t locked and it felt like an open place for a lot of people which I didn’t feel comfortable with. Even if the gate would have been closed it was easy to jump over the remainders of the wall and the doors of the temporary house couldn’t be loocked anyway.

We were all very excited and it was a very special moment for me as well. First the boy was super amazed about the new home and the fact that there were 2 bathrooms, running water and a toilet flush👏🏼

The landlord asked us to come upstairs to his living room for us to finalise the paperwork. Laxmi arranged for a lawyer to ensure all is set up correctly.

The lawyer, Arjun, 2 sons of the landlord and partially the mother (house owner) were present. It took some time because first we needed to get to known eachother, have some tea and explain all details before the contract was handwritten.

Of course Rabbit was present as well.
First time witness:)

Before the fingermark-action was the signature-action. And before that the lawyer did read-out-loud-action followed by the cash flow-action the contract to us. I have been given the opportunity to ask more specific details and it was obvious that everyone wanted me to eel comfortable as well. It’s all arranged now: visiting, meetings and sleep over rules are fixed besides a few other things.

The landlord also told me, that I don’t need to worry because they will watch over the new house members as well.

A beautiful and remarkable woman. She made sure I know that she is very happy to have 12 orphans in their house now 🙂

I am often intrigued by the fact, that in many societies and cultures men seem to make the final decisions/deals etc. but the money is often given to the woman of the house! …. Hmmmmm

What a nice way to end the day and a beautiful way to start a new chapter in their life. 

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