Together we are stronger!

The plan was a different one, because we wanted to sign our cooperation or rather the framework of our collaboration directly in Kathmandu. And then came Corona 🙁

And since it is not clear at the moment whether we can travel to Kathmandu in September, we decided to sign our agreement in Hamburg.

The agreement aims to formalize the working relationship between Voice of Children (VOC) and us. VOC works with street children in Nepal to get them off the streets, protect them, educate them and unite them with their families or society so that they can stand on their own feet. Birgit visited VOC during our last trip to Nepal. Many good and important conversations were held, and we learned a lot about the situation and possibilities. Especially about the organization and the many great projects we can support, which was already the case in 2019 through your donations.

And here’s something funny: We were so excited and full of joy that we put the stamp upside down on the first attempt.

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