3x luck made with Love in Nepal

Full of expectation and with joy was our conferencing with Kanchan on June 20th. It was nice to see everyone healthy, to talk and to see our new wish-bracelet.

This is our second order, as we have sold the first “test” order. So many thanks to everyone who has already bought one or more wish ribbons!!!

What’s with the wish-bracelet? They are 100 % produced in Nepal by survivors of trafficking and people without hearing. All proceeds will be used for children in Nepal!

The idea: “Close your eye, make three wishes and a knot for each wish. When the string comes off, your wishes will come true. Our tip: Don’t be shy when tying the knot and pull it tight.)

Designs: There are 4 designs and 2 cards: Bowl Heart, Round Heart, Make Three Wishes and Stylized 3 Knots.

How you can get one? So far, the only way you’ve been able to do this is to contact us: website or FB. The costs are € 10 per band plus shipping.

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