Yay, this is my new booklet / Very different this time.

In most preschool classrooms of rural schools in Nepal, there are hardly any learning materials or toys. The quality of school materials is extremely poor. Unfortunately, schoolchildren often lack basic school equipment. And unfortunately, many families also do not have the money to buy their children exercise books.

What is great is that in Nepal it is common for most rural children to attend school! However, continuous school attendance is also always uncertain. Therefore, it was obvious for us to support this campaign. Here are some examples of the first editions 🙂  We had funded exercise books in the past, however this time we wanted to do it differently.

Our goal for 2022 was to realize 3,600 notebooks for orphans, children from families in need and children’s homes. Each one costs about 43 Rupees (about 0,32 €) and has 62 pages including cover and back. The paper of the notebooks ensures that the children can write well with an ink pen. This year there should be three versions: Nepali, English and Math.

In one of our board meetings, Thomas set the impulse: “Let’s reduce the color, because it’s better for nature or the print and waste. That way, we’re also doing something for sustainability at the same time.” Where he is right, he is right. “Nepal liked the idea, too. After a few attempts, it quickly became clear to us that it wouldn’t work that way.

Luckily we have the highly talented Buddy Shannon who helped us out. Her idea to make the design like a coloring book is of course awesome. She then also created us a beautiful illustration for the kids to have fun with their new exercise book from the first moment. 

By the way, the idea to add a German line came from our valued partner Rainbow Volunteer Club. The headline came from one of Birgits colleagues called Isa when we were talking about it during lunch break. Rainbow coordinates with the Nepalese government, certain schools, slum communities and orphanages to carry out and implement the project.

We say THANK YOU to all our supporters and especially to Shannon for the design and Madan for his openness to do it differently. And so that we can do it again in 2023 we need your donations. 

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