Feltworks for a lovely Christmas market

After we met in September 2021, it was clear that we would start a joint effort to support and empower women to be independent. The idea is to test if social business can be an option for us to generate more funds which will be put 100% back into our projects. As you can imagine for a small NGO it is not easy to raise funds. We did our homework and carefully did due diligence to be able to order goods from Nepal. Deliberately we choose stock to help Sangita to make space for new goods to be produced.

No sooner said than done. Via WhatsApp and Facebook, the goods were presented, discussed, and ordered. After about two weeks it arrived with us. Opening the box was like Christmas because true treasures came to light.

    On the first Advent, we had a premiere, so to speak. It was a long, exciting, and successful day. Yvonne, Thomas, and Birgit were there from 10 am to 7 pm to talk about Nepal, our work, and that of EPSA.

    At the same time we offered and sold goods 😉 We had a booth at the Weddingmarkt, which was a really good fit. After some time it became a bit fresh, which did not detract from our commitment. We thank all the nice people who talked to us, who are interested in our work and the life of children and people in need in Nepal, and wish a lot of friends with the things they bought from us. Everything is for a good cause.

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