A better life for children in Nepal!

We are a non-profit association based in Berlin. Our goal is to achieve a better life for children in Nepal – for example through our projects for street children or vulnerable families.

About Us

Our Vision

Our vision is a life in Nepal in which children and women should live safer, more protected, healthier and happier. In everything we do, we work to ensure that orphans, street children and women in need have a protected space to survive, grow and thrive. We support survivors of human trafficking through selected projects.

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How You Can Help

We chose Betterplace.org as our donation platform. Donating online is safe, certified, convenient and easy. We also accept direct transfers or standard cash and check donations.


You can get involved today as a volunteer. Simply contact us and you will become a member of a group of active supporters, a network that is strong enough to bring about positive changes in children’s lives.


Your support as a supporting member will help provide children and families in need with the necessary resources, food and education, while at the same time fulfilling the promise of a better future. You can make a difference today: Application.


What People Say

“Happiness means enabling the future and creating a sheltered place for it. Especially the souls of children are particularly in need of protection. We admire this initiative and wish it many more supporters.”

Dr. Thomas Garms

“I was very touched by the story of how bbuildsupnepal came into being, and knowing that the help goes exactly where it is needed makes me happy to help.”

Bettina Zacharias

Our Stories

Latest News

  • Being creative in a safe space
    The children who come to the drop-in center are encouraged to leave their life on the streets and when they show their interest in family life, they are referred to this center. This center helps children discover their individual abilities and prepares them for reintegration into the family ….
  • May we introduce: Buddy Anna
    Please meet Buddy Anna Nezhnaya, and learn why she supports us and what moves her.
  • Yay, this is my new booklet / Very different this time.
    In most preschool classrooms of rural schools in Nepal, there are hardly any learning materials or toys. The quality of school materials is extremely poor. Unfortunately, schoolchildren often lack basic school equipment. And unfortunately, many families also do not have the money to buy their children exercise books. What is great is that in Nepal … Read more

Become a Buddy

In order to help as many people as possible, we always lack enthusiastic volunteers. Please contact us for more information.