Telleruntersetzer / Plate coaster



What is so special about the product? It is 100% made in Nepal by women with disabilities. All proceeds will be used for children in Nepal!


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We support EPSA Nepal (Entire Power in Social Action Nepal) by selling their locally manufactured beautiful products. This is something very special, because of the purpose: the goal to empower women with disabilities. By buying their products you sponsor accommodation and training for women who would normally not be able to generate income to support themselves.

All proceeds are going into our programs for children in Nepal.

How does it work: The raw material is purchased from a factory in Kathmandu. The origin of the raw wool is mostly New Zealand. Smaller quantities are purchased from the mountain regions of Nepal.

Material: 100% sheep wool.

Production: The embroidery of the Antlers is applied separately by a specialized company. For the table/plate mats made of felt balls, it is a little more difficult to estimate, because the whole group of women first pre-makes the colored balls for a few days. Once the balls are ready, one woman can produce about one 20-centimeter mat per hour.

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Größe 36 × 36 × 0.5 cm


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