Kaschmir Mütze / Cashmere Beanie – unicolor creme


What is so special about the product? We were able to buy stock to ensure these beautiful pieces will find a new owner to keep him or her warm.

Size:  26,5 cm  x  25,5 cm


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Product description:The beautiful beanie is made in Nepal with Cashmere from Mongolia. The raw material gets hand picked and manufactured as per design and need.

Material: 100% Cashmere spun, woven and dyed in Kathmandu.

What is Cashmere? The word cashmere wool is rather contradictory and unfortunate in German usage, because the term wool in textile manufacturing is strictly speaking assigned to sheep. A distinction is made between wool (from sheep) and precious hair (from cashmere goat, camel, alpaca, yak). “Kashwool” is the name given to modified fine wools, which may be chlorinated and used in a stretching process to imitate cashmere.

The name is derived from the region of Kashmir. The native species of the lop-eared, horned Kashmir goat occurs in white, gray, brown or black. It belongs to the family of domestic goats, a subspecies of wool goats. In its homeland, cashmere wool has been handcrafted into high-quality textiles since about 1000 BC.



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Größe 26.5 × 25.5 cm


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