Wish-bracelet “I love you” / narrow Heart – red, red/gold


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What is it with these wishing-bracelet? They are made 100% in Nepal by survivors of human trafficking and people without hearing. All proceeds will be used for children in Nepal!


Manufaktur in Nepal.
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The idea: We work with a local manufacturer to produce something very special, with purpose of helping people in Nepal. Our focus is children and families with little income. The design of the pendants (copper) was created in Berlin by Caroline Schwarz. The ribbons and the cads are made of the unique paper and are produced in Kathmandu. All proceeds are going into our programs for children in Nepal.

How does it work: “Close your eye, make three wishes and a knot for each wish. As soon as the ribbon comes off, your wishes will come true. Our tip: don’t be too timid when knotting and pull tight confidently 🙂

Designs: We have 4 designs and 2 cards: Narrow Heart, Round Heart, Make Three Wishes and Stylized 3 Knots. The ribbon color varies: yellow, black, blue, red and sometimes mixed.

Material: copper flakes, discoloration is possible due to material.


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