Memory – First time ever / “He is the winner” :)

It was my last evening before I had to leave Nepal in November. One of my gifts was a memory game I made for the kids. The game featured Rabbit who by now is a well know part of the team and who travels the world with me: USA, Nepal, Spain, France, UK, Irland, Hungary, China, Siberia, Mongolia, the Netherlands just to name a few places. The kids love him. The deal is, that he is always going back home with me. When we arrive, he can stay with them, so he sleeps over as a matter of fact.

Electricity went down which was not a problem for us, because we have solar lamps (each child has one, they are really helpful and in good shape after 1 1/2 years). We had a great time playing and I was amazed how fast they learn and how effortless they were playing.

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