Madan in Kathmandu & Birgit in Berlin – Skype Session #2

Madan from Rainbow Volunteer Club and Birgit talk about the notebooks we supported – for the second time by now, the situation in Nepal and their corona awareness and hygiene program. Thanks to all of our donors. You are our engine 🙂 Thanks for supporting and trusting us.

Happy Reunion

We met Laxmi and the children for the first time in 2015, right after the earth quake. We travelled to meet them 5 times, supported Women and Children Service Center for a bit over 2 years and finally went back to meet up again. It was really good to meet them all incl. the newContinue reading “Happy Reunion”

Decoration & Rainbow 🌈 in the House

First thing after Birgits arrival was of course to go to our office and drop off our “things” as well as to prepare for the meeting with Rainbow Volunteer Club. Before everything else we decorated the room s bit and recorded all equipment B.B.U.N. has so far: 3 Laptops, 1 digital Camera and one phone.Continue reading “Decoration & Rainbow 🌈 in the House”

Welcome our new Family Member: Pooja

I want to share something with you, something this is close to my heart. You may know we had 11 children in the orphanage. Laxmi received a call to check in a little girl. The girl you see is 8 years old and a new member of the team. She went to the rural area calledContinue reading “Welcome our new Family Member: Pooja”

Celebration / Maghe Sanktanti 

It was a delight to see the kids celebrating Maghe Sanktani – 14th of January – which is bringing an end to the ill-omened month of Poush when all religious ceremonies are forbidden in Mithilda and Tharuhat plains of Madhesh. On this day so the believe the sun ☀️ leaves the southernmost position and beginsContinue reading “Celebration / Maghe Sanktanti “

Memory – First time ever / “He is the winner” :)

It was my last evening before I had to leave Nepal in November. One of my gifts was a memory game I made for the kids. The game featured Rabbit who by now is a well know part of the team and who travels the world with me: USA, Nepal, Spain, France, UK, Irland, Hungary,Continue reading “Memory – First time ever / “He is the winner” :)”