The beginning of the NGO / Nepal

Our plan is progressing. The NGO in Nepal is taking shape. Paper work is in the makes and we do have an official office. It wasn´t easy for Madan to get a place, a challenge after the Earth Quake. The building is new and the rent is paid for a year with the option to extend and basics are bought: such as a lock, carpet, blinds, an office table and a chair. Sofo and coffee table will have to follow as next step.

My friends who are mainly working in creative agencies started to work on a logo and a few other things for us. The core team to build a foundation in Germany has been nominated. As per German law we need to be 7, which we are by now. As next step we will have to create a concept and file the paper work.

The concept and meaning of space can never be underestimated. Space no matter how big, stands for freedom in so many ways.

This is a great day and I super happy that we are a step closer to our goal…….

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