Our First Picnic / A School Year Ending

We are very excited to have been able to contribute to this years picnic events for Laxmi´s kids. You should know that it is one of the popular trends that are practised in Nepal since a long time. Every school, college, campus, institution or organisation has always a plan of going picnic once a year. Beside that, families and friends are also having a plan to go out in nature to enjoy the day in a playful get together.  Every “picnic-gang”  has their own way of enjoyment, for example:

  • by cooking together or having a catering service pre-arranged
  • by playing all sorts of games together incl. prizes for the winner
  • and of course with lots of music and dancing.

The idea is that after a year of study or work, this will be the day to enjoy, create good memories and have a day to free you from all the stress. A day you connect with friends and family. A special day.

Therefore, we also have decided to go to picnic this year. Madan found a beautiful picnic spot and arranged for everything. This will be the first picnic program organised by Bbuildsupnepal (B.B.U.N.).  The budget was around 400 Euro and for around 20 people-  13 kids plus Laxmi, Madan and helpers. 

What did we do: A shuttle was arranged to drive the party to a nice park. The food as been cooked together. We had games for the children, incl. prizes 🙂 We had  three meals and during the break the games and music will be played.

Thanks to Catherine Baumer for her donation to contribute. If you want to support me as well, please donate or share.

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