German Ambassador in conversation with human rights activist.

A few days ago we received an email from the Embassy in Kathmandu with a link to a discussion between Roland Schäfer (German Ambassador) and Ms Mandira Sharma (lawyer) on transitional justice and human rights in Nepal, which we would like to share with you.

What is it about?

„Lawyer and Human Rights Defender Mandira Sharma co-founded Advocacy Forum in 2001, a non-governmental organization that works to promote the rule of law and to uphold international human rights standards in Nepal. Mandira was born in a remote area in western Nepal and was the first woman in her village to become a lawyer. She has a PhD degree. She did her Master of Law at the University of Essex in United Kingdom. She has worked for grassroots organizations advocating on behalf of prisoners, defending the rights of people in detention, and fighting against torture and ill-treatment and for proper legal representation of all prisoners, both political and non-political. In 2006 Mandira Sharma won the Human Rights Watch prestigious Human Rights Defender Award. ” (copy from YouTube movie description).

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