Status Quo & Our Way forward

The purpose of my last trip was to check in on the orphanage and discuss with Laxmi and the team our joined way forward. By now we do have an NGO in Nepal (BBUN) which we are very excited about. All the paperwork is done and our status is officially approved.

Its great to see that our initial support that started right after the Earthquake was fruitful and helped to raise things up a nudge. Our funding and support also created a strong basis for her orphanage to develop further. Laxmi has a number of different supporters by now, which is great to see as well, because it ensures a wider network and less dependency. 

As with all my trips I learned a lot. There are a few facts I want to share with you: There are 500.000 children in Nepal that live in poor conditions and need help. 16.000 children do live in orphanages but only 20% of them are orphans. Major bulk of the rest ends up in homes due to poor financial conditions of the children or shall I rather say: the parents. I can´t even imagine how it must feel for a mother or a father to leave the child behind, because the partner died and there is no way to feed the family. Apparently this is a scenario that happens a lot.  After discussing these facts we all agreed, that bbuildsupnepal and BBUN will start using their energy and focus to support other projects in Nepal that have a more pressing need and will address the above mentioned topic. Needless to say that we stay in close contact with Laxmi to learn about the development of the kids, share news with you, stay informed about the challenges that need to be addressed so that we see how we can provide support. Thanks everybody 🙏 who supported us so far! Without you, we would not be where we are right now. You can all be assured that your money is well spent and helps making a difference for some great and smart kids.

Stay tuned. In a few days we will share more details about the Transit Home and our concrete next steps.


bbuildsupnepal – Let´s create a better life for children in Nepal.

We are creating a Better Transit Home in Kathmandu for street children, runaways or children who were victims of abuse. Help making a difference for children and families in Nepal.


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