Living in the Streets / 10 years old

We met 2 boys during a trip in the country side. To be precise 2 hours by car plus 1 hour walking. To give you the distance in kilometers or miles doesn´t make any sense as it would give you the wrong indication. So a little day trip away from Kathmandu. Madan met 2 boys in the street and started to talk to them to learn about their story.


Pratik introduced himself and shared his experience working in Kathmandu. He is 10 years old and has already a story about working all alone in Kathamdu! 😞 He used to live and work as a dishwasher in a small restaurent. His salary was very poor and so was his treatment. That made him decide to go back to his village which is and here I like to repeat myself: 2 hours by car plus 1 hour walking. I can´t even imagine how his journey must have been nor the decision making process. How brave this boy is!! But alone!

I asked Madan how come, their cloth look so clean and where do they take a shower? “They swim in the small river that is close. This is also where they wash their cloth. The cloth are kept on a stone to dry after they washed them.” “And where is Patrik sleeping?” “Patrick sleeps at a “neighbour”.

He is not going to school, nor is there anyone looking after him. He begs for food and guides visitors through the village to the distination they are lookimg for. This is how he survives. He (!) can´t pay for school not even for stationary. 🙁

Water to drink is taken out of a source which is not clean. On the picture you can see Madan talking to the children about safety, health, hygiene and the importance of where they collect the water from. Madan invited the boys to get some food and set with them so that no one treats them poorly so that they can enjoy the food.

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