Food-Bank #1 or: more than a warm dish 🙏🏼🌞❤️

Every day the food is freshly prepared by three people. The team goes to the hospital twice a month to be checked for the Corona Virus. “If we feel we are at risk, we check more often.” explains Madan Poudeyal in charge of Rainbow Volunteer Club and therefore the program. With your support, we haveContinue reading “Food-Bank #1 or: more than a warm dish 🙏🏼🌞❤️”

We are on it: fines list in favor of organizations

We have good news to announce: since 27.04.2020 we are on the “list of fines” for the next 2 years. During this time we should have received at least one allocation of money by then. However, there is also the possibility of an extension before expiry. A big thank you to the district court Tiergarten! Approximately 100 to 120 million euros are donated to charitable organizations.

United we are stronger – Germany supports Nepal on COVID-19 – Thanks to a French repatriation flight

We received a positive message from the German Embassy in Kathmandu that we like to share with you.  It is a story about 3.000 PCR-Test Kits, made in Germany, that arrived in Nepal thanks to a French cargo repatriation flight. Together we are stronger.  More details can be found here: 

A tour: Transit Home – a street children program in Kathmandu

Come with us and and have a sneak view on how the Voice of Children temporary home for street children looks like. Birgit takes us on a tour. We want to make sure you know where parts of our raised funds will end up.

Insights and Facts about Nepals Education Sector – education is key.

“The world is more educated than ever before, with the average number of years spent in school increasing every year. A new report from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OCED) found that 85% of young adults aged 25-34 years have attained upper secondary education, wich typically starts at around 15 or 16 yearsContinue reading “Insights and Facts about Nepals Education Sector – education is key.”

Interview: Sepp Baumeister über wieso, weshalb, warum und darum!

Ein Interview mit Sepp Baumeister – Gründungsmitglied, über wieso, weshalb, warum und darum: Jedes Kind auf der Welt… … sollte alles für möglich halten dürfen – es ist unerträglich, dass für manche Kinder schon die nächste Mahlzeit ein unmöglicher Wunsch ist. bbuildsupnepal ist für mich … … eine persönliche Möglichkeit etwas zu tun. Mehr zuContinue reading “Interview: Sepp Baumeister über wieso, weshalb, warum und darum!”

Heavy Rain – Floods and no Electricity

Every week we – BBUN Nepal and bbuildsupnepal e.V. have a working session online – Berlin Kathmandu connection 🙂 Mainly on Skype to talk about status of our work, share news and work jointly on content for our fundraising campaigns, social media and requirments for our program. Today the call didn´t happen due to heavyContinue reading “Heavy Rain – Floods and no Electricity”

Living in the Streets / 10 years old

We met 2 boys during a trip in the country side. To be precise 2 hours by car plus 1 hour walking. To give you the distance in kilometers or miles doesn´t make any sense as it would give you the wrong indication. So a little day trip away from Kathmandu. Madan met 2 boysContinue reading “Living in the Streets / 10 years old”

Interview Heidrun Schaberg-Bereznicki / Mitbegründerin und Schatzmeisterin.

Hallo zusammen, heute sind wir in Hamburg in Heidruns Zuhause, der Mitbegründerin und Schatzmeisterin von bbuildsupnepal e.V.  Heidrun hat sich ein wenig Zeit für uns freigeschaufelt um uns einen Eindruck in ihre Beweggründe und Ambitionen zu geben. Am besten fangen wir gleich mal an. “Heidrun erzähle uns doch kurz ein wenig über Dich”. “Gerne, ichContinue reading “Interview Heidrun Schaberg-Bereznicki / Mitbegründerin und Schatzmeisterin.”