Heavy Rain – Floods and no Electricity

Every week we – BBUN Nepal and bbuildsupnepal e.V. have a working session online – Berlin Kathmandu connection 🙂 Mainly on Skype to talk about status of our work, share news and work jointly on content for our fundraising campaigns, social media and requirments for our program.

Today the call didn´t happen due to heavy rainfalls. This is a real problem as you can imagine.


Streets and houses are flooded. Availbale electricity is a challenge. Yesterday for example in Kathandu people were without electricity for early morning till evening. Now imagine you are a child living in the streets without a home or a decent place to sleep 🙁

If you have been in Nepal before you know about the poor street conditions and lack of infrastructure. With rain like, that there is hardly any way to move around…



A Better Transit Home in Kathmandu.

Donate to create a better life for children in Nepal! A better Transit Home for 30-35 street children and unaccompanied minors.


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