Education / School Bus and other useful information

We learned about a new rule in Kathmandu or maybe even a rule that applies for the entire country. School busses must all be painted yellow and the drivers / personnel have to wear a uniform so it`s visible to everyone that this is a vehicle transporting children 🙂 We also learned that it is compulsoryContinue reading “Education / School Bus and other useful information”

Street Children / Abused & Forgotten

We all have an idea that Street Children are the most vulnerable group of children. Sexual abuse is hidden, but a widely prevalent suffering among the children. It is safe to say that over  90 % of them are physically and psychologically abused. Many sniff carpet glue to escape hunger, their worries, fear, loneliness orContinue reading “Street Children / Abused & Forgotten”

A Harmful Tradition Which Turns Girls And Women Into Untouchables / About “pureness” and believes

Today we want to touch a topic of delicate nature. A topic which needs to be addressed. If we like it or not, still these days in some places of Nepal girls and women when having their periods are treated as “dirty“, “impure“ and “contaminating“!?? This is the reason why often they are expelled fromContinue reading “A Harmful Tradition Which Turns Girls And Women Into Untouchables / About “pureness” and believes”

Herbert & Team collect money for Nepal / Christmas Market in Berlin

Cara fragte mich, ob Sie und Ihre Kollegen mein Nepal Projekt unterstützen können. Wie könnte ich dazu nein sagen?? “Jedes Jahr ab November bis zum 01. des neuen Jahres treffen wir uns um als perfekt eingespieltes Team den Weihnachtsmarkt zu rocken. Herbert ist unser Chef und hat seit diesem Jahr fünf Stände auf dem WeihnachtsmarktContinue reading “Herbert & Team collect money for Nepal / Christmas Market in Berlin”

The Real Deal / Wittness / Fingerprint Proof

3 days ago we went to sign the lease agreement for the orphanage. I decided to take the oldest child with us. We walked from the old place to the new one exploring the new neighbourhood. We saw many nice fields, growing vegetables, a fish farm and heard children’s laughter. The new place is walkingContinue reading “The Real Deal / Wittness / Fingerprint Proof”