Day #2 or the story of lentils, cauliflower and carrots🌞

The goal is to provide as many children as possible with warm meals. We thank all our supporters. Without you we would not be able to support our local partner to keep this important program running. Donate here: #givingback #purpose #change #betterplace @betterplace_org

GIZ about the Himalayas / We also support solar energy👍🏼

Rural areas in Nepal suffer from a poorly developed power grid. The most sustainable and simple solution: electricity from water and sun. “The landscape of the Himalayas is a special challenge for Nepal when it comes to power supply. Especially in the remote areas it is difficult to connect to the power grid. Renewable energiesContinue reading “GIZ about the Himalayas / We also support solar energy👍🏼”

Madan in Kathmandu & Birgit in Berlin – Skype Session #2

Madan from Rainbow Volunteer Club and Birgit talk about the notebooks we supported – for the second time by now, the situation in Nepal and their corona awareness and hygiene program. Thanks to all of our donors. You are our engine 🙂 Thanks for supporting and trusting us.

“You need to change your Website design.” / Macromedia students giving advise …

The semester is over and work has started for us. We got many good and important insights: for example, how we best communicate (website, newsletter, social media, direct marketing),

Rotary Club Berlin-Nord and bbuildsupnepal.

It was planned for a long time and then it took place: with great pleasure we accepted the invitation to the Rotary Club Berlin-Nord meeting in February to present our organisation and the trip to get “there”. Presentation title was: “Transit: a journey and new future for children in Nepal.” Birgit: “It was a lotContinue reading “Rotary Club Berlin-Nord and bbuildsupnepal.”

“What makes me happy is ….”

Working with 5th semester International Management B.A. Class of Macromedia University of Applied Science on donors’ behavior was a great experience. We gained a lot of valuable insights and suggestions we can use going forward. At the end of the semester we conducted some interviews because we were eager to hear more on personal motivationsContinue reading ““What makes me happy is ….””

“Project 3” / Fifth semester students learning about donation behavior, social business and more…!

No question, we are totally (!) happy that the Macromedia University, Campus Berlin, is dedicating a project to our nonprofit. International Management students are writing a research paper that helps us to learn more about the willingness to donate. The insights gained are transformed into strategy(s), ideas and concepts are presented that we can implement.Continue reading ““Project 3” / Fifth semester students learning about donation behavior, social business and more…!”