Community Empowerment / Health Support

We are super excited to be a partner of Back to Life. The goal is to empower people: to help families or individuals to help themselves.

There are a number of ways on how to do that just to name a few:

Smoke free and energy efficient ovens

Many families are exposed to health risks as they still do not use smoke-free stoves. This means extreme unhealthy living conditions in the living room. There are no windows, which means that the soot can not escape. We can all imagine the consequences. We have learned that open fire life is responsible for about 70 different diseases 😒

For about 151 € (including transport and installation) we can buy an energy-efficient smoke-free oven that can be used for cooking and heating.

This set consists of the oven, pipes, installation and everything else needed to install a stove. Through these stoves we contribute to health, because cooking with smoke-free stoves contributes to the quality of life and significantly health for women.

Heidrun Schaberg-Bereznicki (Treasurer and founder), Birgit Baier (Chairperson), Stella Deetjen (Chairperson and Director Back to Life e.V.)

Solar System

Light or electricity is not the norm in many parts of Nepal. This means that a lot of wood is burned in ovens to produce light. This is clearly not good for many reasons: soot formation in the house, but also deforestation of the forests and it is still dangerous.
Up to 70 diseases can be assigned to the open fireplaces, which serve for cooking, heating and enlightening. Diseases mainly of mothers and children.

Approach: Provide homes in remote areas with solar panels to provide light to homes. Help for self help.

Solution: Installation of 1 solar system per house incl. 4 lamps to install. For 250 € we can get: 1 x solar light sources, the set consisting of: solar cell (40W), 4 LED lamps, battery and cables, multi-charger, transport, installation and maintenance training

Other projects

Like for example the support or creation of a Birth House for approx. 85.000€ including the overall construction, a one-story building built to local specifications, and earthquake-proof construction, salary of 2 state-trained midwifes per birth house for one year, medical equipment (medicines, medical bandages ..), initial supply for the newborns (blanket, cap etc.). Why are such places vital? Because access isn’t easy for many women. IT can take up to 4 days walking to reach a hospital in remote areas. This is a fantastic alternative to ensure a healthy birth and a good start for baby and mother.

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